How To Get Duplicate Aadhar Card Download Steps

Photo id is very important now a days in india. Whether to make passport, to fill competitive exam forms or to take any new connection of anything an Aadhar card is must.

But what if your aadhar card is lost? In this post we are going to show you how to download your aadhar card online.

Fist of all we will be gon to show you how to find your Aadhar Number (UID) or Enrollment Number (EID) if you dont know. Because aadhar card cant be downloaded without having one of the above id no.

For aadhar card you need a registered mobile number that you used while getting your aadhar card or registered email id that you have previously used while filling aadhar card form.

Steps To Find Out Aadhar Number (UID) / Enrollment Number (EID) :

Go to the link

After going to the above website you will see the option of  Click on the Retrieve Lost UID / EID option.

After that select the type of id you wish to get UID or EID.

Fill up personal details to get otp (one time password) on you…

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